Thursday, October 8, 2009

what is Life ?(double click on it to see full page)


  1. Toooooooo Gooood Dear just go ahead.
    U R capable to write even in News Papper Coloum. Like Ashoak Dave is doing,try to think.
    Pinak Dixit

  2. sir i m the lucy ystudent .....u knw y???
    listen guys,..sir i hope k tamne yad hase...
    jyare mare mono acting karvani hati.. and tame kidhu k il make 4 u smthng new..nd i argue wid u..tht i dnt want to do in ur new mono acting i want to perfomed on " NE HU MARI GAYO" bt sir tame kidu k just belive me and ratre 2 vage varsad ma balkanji bari ma 5 min ma betha betha aa monoacting lakhi ti.....yad 6 sir... ITS A SUPERB SCRIPT SIR.. I SALUTE U......AND THTS Y TOLD BEFORE THT I M LUCKY..M I RT NA SIR???